Lophy Milbanny

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Art by Blumar

Color Palette

Main OrangeSecondary OrangeHair/Fingers/Other stuffWhiteGreen EyePurple EyeUnder EarsPokéball RedPokéball Leather strap

Basic infos

SpeciesGenderBiological SexHeight (Not counting antlers)WeightBody TypeEars LenghtFull Moon Ears Lenght
Pokémon - Scorunny (Scorbunny + Lopunny Hybrid)MaleMale Intersex (cboy)1.50m/4.92f52kg/114,64lbsSlim/Normal2m/6f4/6m - 13/19f

Some Infos

- Ears:
Huge long ears, always drags them on the ground, he doesn't mind it, but sometimes he trips because someone steps on them or the piercings gets stuck on something. When he's cold he uses them like a scarf for himself or others. Usually his ears get even longer during full moon, sometimes becoming two or three times the original size, but it's temporary. (From Lophy's perspective) Left ear is yellow inside, right ear is secondary orange.
- Paws:
His paws are constantly warm, usually at a minimum of 40°C/104°F degrees. He can control the temperature to make them reach extremly hot temperatures, but it's impossible to get them cold or at normal body temperatures.
- Pokéball:
The Pokéball he always brings with him, strapped at his leg, it's his own Pokéball and he can be stored and carried on it, even tho he doesn't like to stay in there unless he wants to stay alone. He does have control on it but if someone takes it then it's under their will if he will stay inside or outsite the pokéball.

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NSFW Reference

Art by Blumar

nsfw ref

Color Palette (NO glow)


Old Reference

Art by John Cooper

older ref